Bay Front Medical Clinic

Clinic image2Bay Front Medical Clinic

CMSD’s onsite spacious 1,000 square foot medial facility provides medical care for CMSD’s staff quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated medical team assists our staff with a wide range of medical and supportive services along with routine medical care:

Routine Physical Exams

Vision and Hearing Testing

TB Testing

Flu Vaccines

Hepatitis Vaccines

Tetanus shots

Screening for Cholesterol, Diabetes & other ailments

Symptomatic treatment for viruses such as colds, flu & sore throats

Smoking Cessation Programs

Health & Wellness Assessment

Physical Fitness Awareness Programs

The Bay Front Clinic is conveniently located at

Continental Maritime of San Diego
1995 Bay Front Street
San Diego, CA 92113
619-234-8851 Ext 229